Specialist Installations

CSCS Acredited Operatives

All of our commercial site operatives are CSCS registerd card holders.

CSCS Acredited.

100% Safety Record

Since our incorparation in 2003, Surefix Direct Ltd has maintained a 100% safety record with no reportable accidents.

Health and Safety Acredited.

NVQ Training Commitment

Surefix Direct Ltd are dedicated to delivering NVQ qualifications.

NVQ Acredited.

Why Choose Surfix Direct Ltd?

As Contract Installers

Surefix Direct offer professional contract installations for Main Contractors and Fabricators with a clear focus on quality and product longevity ensuring correct installation methods are adhered to.

With directly employed personnel who are CSCS registered and benefitting from Surefix Direct in house & external Installation, product, & Health and Safety training we ensure our quality and 100% safety record is upheld.

As Suppliers and Installers

Surefix Direct are a specialist installation company, we are able to source any system without having manufacturing limitations ensuring the correct system is specified for your project from the reputatbe system fabricators we work with and install for. This gives an emphasis on the finished installed product and an additional layer of quality control at site level.